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Elevate your business with cutting-edge financial education
Build a smart investing and trading experience under your own brand - no coding required
Trading & Investment
Traditional educational methods are costly, lack ongoing support, and result in decreased retention and revenue for businesses in the retail trading sector
Innovative LMS for providing immersive learning programs to your customers
Maximize educational impact by continually optimizing content based on student activity data, ensuring it's tailored to meet their needs and preferences
By educating and developing your clients' skills with interactive lessons, quizzes, leaderboards, and live trading sessions
Boost Commission Revenue
Value Proposition
Personalize Education
Associated with tutors and improve scalability with our streamlined education delivery process
Re-engage inactive users by demonstrating the potential of their investments and trades
Enhance Retention
Reduce Costs
Course Builder
Effortlessly create engaging and easily modifiable educational content
Personalize episodes with a range of visual elements and make real-time edits
Structure your courses into clear and organized sections, tailored to your specific needs
Track user engagement and performance with powerful data analytics
Mobile App: Standard and White-label Options
Deliver high-quality interactive lessons and skill-building exercises through your custom-branded app
Make learning enjoyable and entertaining for investors and traders with gamified mechanics
Foster a supportive community through message boards and streams, encouraging collective knowledge and growth
Grant clients the flexibility to learn at their own pace with convenient, on-the-go access
Trading Simulator
Empower clients to practice and perfect their trading strategies in a controlled and safe environment
Enhance learning outcomes with access to live market data and trade stats
Provide opportunities for skill growth and improvement through replay mode and trading challenges
Gain valuable insights into your clients' trading behavior and risk preferences
Analyze and Evolve
Use analytics to refine content and boost engagement

Create and Organize Content
Develop tailored, interactive content for your members

Select Your Publishing Avenue
Showcase content through the Wawe app or a custom-branded app

How It Works
Craft Your Unique Community
Establish and manage a personalized content and discussion space

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“The app breaks down lessons into digestible sessions. It feels quite intuitive to navigate and it introduces elements as I progress. This is great for not overwhelming the user”
“I found the lessons really interesting and loved the interactivity of the quizzes - and that there was a good variety of questions”
“Very informative and put in easy to digest chunks with helpful dynamic visuals”
“So suitable for a busy person who wants to learn quickly. The interactive test questions worked great!”

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